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Curriculum vitae of Johan Sundberg, Sweden

President of the EAV

Johan Sundberg (born 1936, Ph.D. musicology, doctor honoris causae 1996 University of York, UK) had a personal chair in Music Acoustics at the department of Speech Music Hearing, KTH and founded and was head of its music acoustics research group until his retirement in 2001. His research concerns particularly the singing voice and music performance. Written “The Science of the Singing Voice” (1987) and “The Science of Musical Sounds” (1991), edited or co-edited many proceedings of music acoustic meetings.

He has practical experience of performing music (choir and solo singing). Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music (President of its Music Acoustics Committee 1974-82), the Swedish Acoustical Society (President 1976-81) and fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, receiving its Silver Medal in Musical Acoustics 2003.

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