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European Academy of Voice

Homepage of the Organization for Education in the Voice Sciences

The Mission of the European Academy of Voice

Purpose and Objectives

The European Academy of Voice (EAV) is a not-for-profit, non-political organization aiming to advance continued education as well as research in the various voice disciplines. The academy aims at being active in all European countries. English will be the working language of the academy.

Activities Implementing the Objectives

The EAV aims at implementing its objectives in particular by:

  1. organising and coordinating high-quality education programmes
  2. courses should preferably be arranged together with PEVOC (Pan-European Voice Conference) events
  3. organising its own and supporting scientific events of other organisations


The academy will be entitled to raise funds for:

  1. reimbursement for lecturers/tutors
  2. reimbursement of costs for administration, organization, and promotion

The Executive Committee (EC)

The EAV will be managed by a group of experts, who preferably are members of the EAV. This expert group is constituting an Executive Committee (EC). The EC will be the governing body of the academy. The EC will manage the business of the academy.

The EAV will elect the EC for a five year term:

  1. President
  2. Secretary General
  3. Treasurer

Ergo, successors will be elected one year prior to taking office.

Founding Members

The founding members of the EAV are:

Gerhard Friedrich, Antoine Giovani, Svante Granqvist, Markus Hess, Felix de Jong, Lesley Mathieson, Frank Müller, John Rubin, Johan Sundberg, Jan Švec

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