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Curriculum vitae of Markus Hess, Germany

Secretary General of the EAV

Markus M. Hess, MD, is Professor and works at the voice clinic “MEDICAL VOICE CENTER” in Hamburg, Germany, which he founded in 2014. He is a dedicated otolaryngologist and phoniatrician (speech-language pathology and medicine), subspecializing in laryngology, phonosurgery, and disorders of professional voice users.

The special environment in Hamburg enables the performance of the highest level of patient care in a center of excellence. Dr. Hess brings a multidisciplinary approach to such patients as public speakers, singers, and actors. Patients receive cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques in laryngeal microsurgery as well as office-based voice surgery in topical anesthesia. Dr. Hess is a founding member of the “German Society of Phonosurgery” and continuously contributes to the voice field as a member of editorial boards, medical journals and numerous national and international committees.

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