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PEVOC 9 in Marseille

The European Academy of Voice organized a pre-conference training course.

One-Day Tutorial on Wednesday, August 31 (Crash Course on ‘Voice’) [PDF Flyer]

  1. Anatomy and physiology (Gerhard Friedrich & John Rubin)
  2. Endoscopy, stroboscopy, VKG and high speed imaging (Frank Müller & Markus Hess)
  3. Breathing, pulmonary function and aerodynamics (Nathalie Henrich & Johan Sundberg)
  4. Voice acoustics, microphones, recording and computers (Christian Herbst & Jan Švec)
  5. Analyzing voices with machines: spectrography, phonetograms, EGG (David Howard & Frank Müller)
  6. Analyzing voices with ears, brain, and heart (Britta Hammarberg & Kittie Verdolini)
  7. Principles of voice therapy (Jenny Iwarsson & Lesley Mathieson)
  8. Dissection and phonosurgery (Gerhard Friedrich & Markus Hess)

Who could benefit from this workshop?

Participants who liked to

  • understand basic measures and methods in voice research,
  • find out the state-of-the-art in voice research,
  • be updated on clinical assessment and voice therapy and, finally, …
  • … get prepared for PEVOC 9 presentations and discussions.

How was the application procedure for the workshop?

  • The maximum number of participants was 60. Sessions ran in parallel (4 parallel sessions, each session max. 15 participants)
  • General rule of acceptance: first come—first serve
  • It was necessary to book (and pay) for the entire day—no participation for selective sessions. Certificates were handed out for complete attendance only.
  • Application: informal e-mail
  • Reply e-mail contained information, how to pay the registration fee of 160 Euro (Registration was separate from PEVOC 9! No discount for students.)
  • Refund policy: 140 Euro before June 1, 2011; 80 Euro before July 1, 2011; no refund after July 1, 2011

Schedule (see modules A–H above)

Time Workshop A Workshop B Workshop C Workshop D
8:30–9:00 Gathering
9:00–9:50 I II III IV
9:55–10:45 II III IV I
10:45–11:15 Coffee
11:15–12:05 III IV I II
12:10–13:00 IV I II III
13:00–14:00 Lunch
Time Workshop E Workshop F Workshop G Workshop H
14:00–14:50 I II III IV
14:55–15:45 II III IV I
15:45–16:15 Coffee
16:15–17:05 III IV I II
17:10–18:00 IV I II III
18:00 Adjourn

I–IV are participant groups, maximum 15 participants in each group

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